What is the Entrepreneurial Institute of Washington?

The Entrepreneurial Institute of Washington or EIW as we call it, is a 501c3 non profit organization founded to provide small businesses with professional and leadership development, business support services and technical assistance.

Our Vision:

To build and sustain a nationally recognized small business capacity program that provides small business members with “state of the art” business solutions and training resources, back office support and physical space for member firm offices, video conferences and to hold general meetings.

Our Mission:

To develop a resilient base of job creating entrepreneurs in Washington State by providing small businesses advisory, professional and technical assistance designed to streamline organizational systems, increasing the technological capabilities and leadership skills of the owners and their workforce.

Our Strategies:

The Entrepreneurial Institute of Washington (EIW) will accelerate small business capacity building by leveraging an experienced and talented group organizational partners, aggregating relevant, current and future business and industry related information and promoting the inclusion of small businesses in procurement and contracting at all levels.

These strategies will enable EIW to:

  • gain momentum and establish physical incubator space
  • build a nationally recognized mentor protege program (based on national best practices including the AGC Stempel Plan)
  • expand continuing education programming
  • create jobs and increase skills of workforce through collaborations with area technical schools, community colleges and universities
  • recruit collegiate interns under graduate and graduate students to assist in business planning and strategic initiatives
  • attract investors and/or secure funding to make available to members for short term capital and project financing
  • research and adopt best practices to insure EIW becomes a viable vehicle to accelerate economic recovery in Washington State.