President’s Message: What is a Line Card?

After the last meeting, I had an EIW member follow-up with me. In that follow-up, she asked what a line card is and if I would mind explaining it. While responding to her I realized that other members may also have that same question so I wanted to take a minute to share with you the same information.

A “line card” or “one sheet” is a single piece of paper that quickly outlines your business’ capabilities. It should contain all of the relevant information that a prospective client would need to know when assessing your business. Some things to consider including are: full contact information, direct point of contact, your NAICS codes, insurance information, services your company provides, and past projects you have worked on.

Below is a link that will take you to the NAICS codes used to identify services offered within your business. If you click on that and then under downloads/reference file/tools on the left hand side of the page you can then click on the latest NAICS codes listing. There you can choose the one that best describes your product to use on your line card.

If you have any other questions we encourage you to reach out—that is why we are here. Thank you for your interest in EIW and as you come across other business owners that would benefit from what we have to offer please let them know about us.

About Dana Pittman

Ms. Pittman is the founder of Sustainable Floors, Inc. She has proven success in consulting government and commercial agencies to move toward stronger sustainable solutions regards to their flooring investments. She is passionate about developing small business, team work and helping others along the way. Ms. Pittman has 17-years military experience and a degree from Beacon University.